There is no persuasive argument for secrecy when managing a pandemic

the cygnus reports

“We’ve learned from experience that the truth will come out.”

– Richard Feynman


This ongoing case stopped the Department of Health from removing 54000 doctors' right to speak up for patient safety in the UK. Dr Day's battle continues.

The Bawa Garba case

This case led to the Court of Appeal overturning a High Court ruling against Dr Bawa Garba, and Government review of medical manslaughter legislation.

project CYGNUS

Cygnus was a national tier 1 pandemic simulation exercise led by the Department of Health and involving 44 agencies. To date, the Government has published only one report from Public Health England. We believe that important data regarding NHS capacity and plans for the refusal of NHS care in the event of an overwhelming pandemic are being kept secret from the public.


On 19th May 2021, we forced Public Health England to disclose the existence of 11 viral pandemic and epidemic exercises in the five years leading up to COVID-19.

PHE has refused to disclose the Typhon Report on grounds of national security and we have lodged a complaint with the ICO. We have also requested disclosure of other reports from PHE and are awaiting a response.