our story told by others

We pay tribute to the investigative journalists who are bravely scrutinising power and calling it to account.

The Observer - 26 April 2020

We are in the national news within 12 hours of launching our crowdfund

Euronews - 27 April 2020

Broadcast in 166 countries

The Telegraph - 1 June 2020

The launch of our judicial review is reported again by the national press

The Observer - 11 Oct 2020

We make headline news again when the Information Commissioner's Office intervenes in our case

The Telegraph - 25 Oct 2020

Our case forces the Department of Health to publish one Cygnus report but other reports remain secret

The BMJ - 18 Nov 2020

Leading medical journal reports questions about the Department of Health's disclosures

The Telegraph - 18 Dec 2020

Evidence that the Department of Health continues to keep reports secret after Cygnus

The Telegraph - 5 Jan 2021

Proposals for ad hoc population triage protocols in the absence of national guidance

The Guardian - 10 June 2021

We reveal pandemic exercises which the Health Secretary has kept secret from his own scientific advisors

The Daily Mail - 10 June 2021

Analysis of Mr Hancock's evidence to Select Committee, following our disclosure of pandemic exercises

City A.M. - 10 June 2021

London's business paper takes note

Independent - 11 June 2021

PHE refuses to disclose secret pandemic data on grounds of national security

The BMJ - 11 June 2021

Leading medical journal draws attention of NHS professionals to secret pandemic reports

The Telegraph - 20 June 2021

Information Commissioner orders Department of Health to disclose secret NHS population triage and social care briefing papers

Telegraph - 30 July 2021

Front page: Department of Health's secret pandemic NHS Triage and Social care papers published

Guardian - 8 October 2021

Front page: We publish the UK Government's secret Coronavirus report from 2016

BMJ - 11 October 2021

Independent analysis from Professor of Public Health and member of Independent Sage