We started our campaign by making a simple request from the Government: “You organised Exercise Cygnus so that we could learn about our national pandemic capabilities. Can you please disclose the Cygnus Reports?” The Department of Health used section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act (and later section 35  to evade transparency. We then applied for Judicial Review, arguing that the Government had a duty to disclose the Reports under the Civil Contingencies Act. Eventually, the Department of Health was forced to disclose Public Health England’s overview report of Cygnus, but affirmed it did not have the other reports mentioned in our witness evidence, in particular a population triage report. Relying on this affirmation, we withdrew from Judicial Review. On 18 December 2020, the Telegraph published a document which showed the Department of Health had received a population triage report from NHS England in 2017

20 April 2020 FOI process launches
19 May 2020 DHSC response
21 May 2020 Refined FOI request
19 June 2020 DHSC response
16 July 2020 DHSC response
14 August 2020 DHSC response
12 September 2020 DHSC response
28 September 2020 ICO response
20 October 2020 Disclosure
27 October 2020 DHSC response
21 Dec 2020 Targeted FOI request
21 Jan 2021 DHSC response
22 Jan 2021 Request for ICO intervention
22 Jan 2021 DHSC response
1 June 2020 Judicial Review case launches
23 August 2020 Judicial response
28 August 2020 Our appeal
27 October 2020 Government response
28 October 2020 Our response
3 November 2020 Government denial
13 November 2020 Legal case withdrawn
18 Dec 2020 The Telegraph
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