It’s time to learn

“We truly did everything we could,” said the Prime Minister as he announced 100,000 British deaths. That was a deeply worrying statement, because it suggested no insight, no admission of error, no change of strategy for the future.  His state of denial was challenged the following day with a direct question about the fact that the UK had …

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London C19 and the English mutant

Close your eyes if you’re squeamish, but this graph from John Hopkins University shows that the UK’s COVID-19 deaths are rocketing up at an alarming rate. We gave Newton and Shakespeare to the world – now we are the home nation for a new highly transmissible COVID variant which is spreading like wildfire through England and will likely expand through …

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Why you need to know about Cygnus

I guess you’d agree with me that COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. It’s not the Black Death, it’s not even the Spanish Flu, but it’s killed over 70,000 people in the UK alone and its economic effects are devastating. It’s closed the country down. Like previous major pandemics, it’s also had a transformative effect on society. …

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