New C19 variant – implications for vaccine strategy

News that the South Africa C19 variant ‘501Y.V2’ is spreading in Jeremy Hunt’s home patch of Surrey is deeply worrying. The Prime Minister has said, “We’re confident that all the vaccines we’re using provide a high degree of immunity and protection against all variants”. The scientific evidence for that statement is not clear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh19CUdanSU The South Africa variant …

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It’s time to learn

“We truly did everything we could,” said the Prime Minister as he announced 100,000 British deaths. That was a deeply worrying statement, because it suggested no insight, no admission of error, no change of strategy for the future.  His state of denial was challenged the following day with a direct question about the fact that the UK had …

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Before C19: the ICU cover-up

The British Government, the ICU cover-up and Exercise Cygnus The story of Dr Day’s protected disclosures about a dangerously understaffed intensive care department has taken on new urgency during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We now know that the Government – specifically an agency reporting directly to Jeremy Hunt– was sweeping Dr Day’s patient safety concerns under the carpet, …

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NHS in crisis – abdication of leadership

In 2017, NHS England submitted one of the most significant documents in its history to the Chief Medical Officer – the NHS Surge and Population Triage briefing paper. Population Triage – what’s the big deal? Why was this document so important? Following Exercise Cygnus, Dame Sally Davies – the former CMO – had realised that NHS capacity, after …

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